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Checkout Acoustic News! The latest from singer songwriter Marilyn Lamberson. This is a fun collection of all acoustic instruments & arrangements varying from Blue Grass to Folk!

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Listen to the biggest secret in town, the White Hot Secrets!

You can listen but don't tell anybody.

Cool original music...SHH!!






Listen to hours of Spirited impovs & off the cuff "Ghost Jams" from Reverend Rock and the Revivalist!

You've never heard anything like this!

INSITU is an original music project of Tim & Marilyn's with many local musician performances.

Check out INSITU's Music with Imagination!







Come camping with the River Rats and help us sing around the campfire! Each year we play at Fishermen's Bend on the Holiday weekends and host the Campfire Sing alongs. It's always fun with lot of new friends.

Checkout our fun website and get your camping gear ready!







"Live at the River House" was a fun 50th Birthday gig for Michael Frazier. He invited Marilyn and I to play at the River House in Pacific city with him and we said..SURE! Here are our original songs from that fun night April 5, 2003!

Special thanks to Michael Frazier for inviting us, recording this and caputring these great memories.

Carrot Brother Tim







The 24 Carrot band and Root 24 were Bands with A peel. We spent over ten years creating home grown original Root Rock with a mixed blend of local musicians.

Many thanks to Michael Frazier and the Root Cellar friends for the many years of fun and great music we made!!

Checkout Michael Frazier's website here: http://www.michaelfraziermusic.com/








I sang lead vocals in 1999 on "The Perfect Life" and played drums in 2005 on "In the Battle" with Saint the heavy metal Christian rock Band. What a blast that was!

Here's some fun live audio & videos of Saint Live 05!

Saint is still going strong check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/saintband








Although this is not music it is fun and I had to include it!

Come fly with the Quad Squad, a group of friends who love flying RC Quadcopters!

Here are some fun videos we've done so far!







Makin Trax is Tim & Marilyn's Home Recording Studio.

Check out a variety of different styles and sounds!



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