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One of our first recorded "Off the Cuff" Jams!

This music was recorded live and off the cuff and is intended for reference only for potential song development by Ghost Jam.

Ghost Jam is: Rockie Boxall: Keys, Terry Schneider: Bass, Jerry Henderson: Sax, Tim Lamberson: Drums & Chris Green: Vox 237 Total - BUT WHOS COUNTING?


Rock Garden Downtown Stroll Funk Junk & Jive Golden Phallic Joco Jam Night Moods Slap Man Soft Touch Song of Summer Sphyxster
Thank you Thriller Warm-up Jam Wondermint Barny's Miller Blues got me Down Floating Riff Funkonfusion Funky Fried Chicken Half Baked Interplayology
Jazz Dreams Somber Reverence Steppin Inn 11 Minutes to Kill Cruiser Crunchy Punchy Easy Streets Finding your Way Funkified Ride Funk-N-Swing
Interweave Moodyness Progressive Rapcity Rising Sun Shwing Stretchin Out That's the Breaks Your Turn Round Ascension Descension Bass Exchange
Changing Mood Gears Fun to Funk & Swing Heavy Hitter Dio Funk Jasmine Swing Pea Soup Soft Jazz Fusion Chords Soft Rememberence Swing the Road Jack Swinkon-Fussion Walk the Improv
Building Dreams Bustin Out Kaleidoscopic Scat Disenent Mode Dont Walk-RUN! Ethreal Good Night Ladies Knight Scape Momentum Saxy Walker
Short But Sweet Step Right Up Taken Leader Workin' the Deal Creeping Inn Fiddling Bass Im a Ham, Yes I am Martini Time One To Three Rhoads to Funk
Rock & Roll Is Alright Slapman The Dance The Gamit ZZ Bottomend 5 String Funk Avant-Garde Bass Command Downtown Motown Epic Epilogue
Espionage Grinding Stone Happy Hour Interlude to Action KC's Last Jam Kids Games 1 Kids Games 2 Kids Games 3 Lonely Ride My Mechanical Man
Paint the Town Running out of Time Soft Groove Swingin Keys Wizard of Odds A Warm Up Apparitions Bustin Loose Cruise Jam Devotion
Dinner for Two Ever After Flip & Flail Get On Board Home Coming Mass Confusion Night Cap One Last Chance Open Roads Reminiscence
Rockie Jam Strut Cat Stray Supernatural Swing Swirled Peas Time for Sax Rock Riff A New Christmas Song Everybody Dance! Flap Squeek Squawk MJ Jive
Ode to Freedom Open Door RastaJamion 1 RastaJamion 2 RastaJamion 3 To Be Your Lover Under My Skin When We're Together Wormwood NYE 2014-2015 Song
2015 Crazy Rockin Cliche Feel the Circles Flaky Women Grinder 1 Grinder 2 I Need You It's Too Late Little Funker Long Story Short
Night Replaces Day Somethin' I need to Know The Cluster Funk Wanna be Close to You abalmination Buried Treasure Caught in the Circles Chromatic Blues Fate of a Promise Flagship
Friday Machine Sound If it Moves You Nervous Twitch She Closes Her Eyes Something New 1 Something New 2 The New Wave Veggie Stew Want you for a Time We'll All Get High
When I'm Away Birthday Boogie Coffee Cup Door to Dreams Err in the Enchantress Giving Held within the Clouds Judge Judy Magic in Her Touch The Sky is Falling
Treasure Lost Under Cover Romance What I've Been Missing Alone Again Baby Pictures ReMix Bus Ride Cook On Jasper Didn't I Say I've Fallen for You Night Shift
Off That Scale Pendulum Swing She's Movin In So Lost Texting while I Work The Key Don't Fit The Key Treasure Lost 2 Virgin Song Arrival
Baby Stroller Break Time Day Dream Descending Funk Get it while it's Hot Going Home Good Bye Good Friend Lazy Daze Nice & Easy Power Struggle
Records Stuck 1 Records Stuck 2 Records Stuck Beat Saxy Moves Scrambled Eggs Spring Swing The Explorer This Old Town Why is Love not as Loud as Hate Amish Embouchure
Bed Rock Big Mistake Calling 007 Easy Chair FrankenFunk Funky Thought Horny Drone My Best Friend Swing Walker Transylvania Trancer
Trombone-A-Phone Alien Interlude Bassman Blues Contemplation Compilation Descent Beginning Stop Sinning Fever FunkinFusion Gettin' Funky Hypnogroove Justice
Metamorphosis Organic Jam Searching Senergy Signing Off Tighten Up VoiceBoxall      

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