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River Rats Labor Day End of Summer Camp Out 2016!

We had a great turnout for the final campfire sing a long of the year and 7 River Rat musicians on stage!

Terry, Tim, Marilyn, Rockie, Jerry, Dave and Brad! Thanks to all of you as we had a real good time!

Set 1



Set 2


River Rats @ Fishermen's Bend Memorial Day Weekend 2016

We had a great time and thank you all for comiung out to make it such a fun time!




Thanks to Hugo for recording and sending the videos!

River Rats Live at Fishermen's Bend Labor Day Weekend 2012

River Rat Gang



Rat Funk Junkies



The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie


Light My Fire!


River Rats Memorial Day Tribute Tour


Kick off & China Grove!

River Rats at Stars Cabaret New Years Eve 2011


Hanky Panky



Good Times, Bad Times



Hard to Handle



Low Rider

How to Make Fake Campfire Logs



River Rat Gang:

Fishermen's Bend 9/3/11


Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

Fishermen's Bend 9/3/11


River Rats Jam with Funk Brothers!


River Rats get together with the Funk Brothers and come up with a cool jam song we're calling "Off the Cuff" which was the first song of the night!

Thanks for the fun jam Rockie!

Thanks to Rif & rHUG for video recording it!

NEW River Rat song "Rat Funk Junkies!

River Rats @ Fishermen's Bend 4th of July at Cottonwoods


Brick House, Foot Stompin' Music & All My Rowdy Friends

River Rats at Fishermen's Bend Memorial Day 2011


Thanks to Hugo for videotaping and uploading this!

Thanks Gimp Mouse! You ROCK!

Thanks for visiting!

See you at the next Rat Adventure!