Labor Day End of Summer Fun 2015!

River Rats want thank everyone for coming out and joining in the fun campfire sing-along! It was GREAT! So many campers showed up it was AWESOME! We are glad for the new friends we met!


Have a great Fall and after a Winters hibernation the River Rats will be ready to Rock and Roll next Summer and have a Ball!

See you in 2016!!!!


A Great Fourth of July 2015!

Thank you all for coming out for the River Rat 4th of July Celebration!


It was hot but we were ready with our Biggest Fans, Tarp cover and Mister hose! We had a blast ringing in the Countries Birthday!

See you all next time! River Rats

River Rats 4th of July Celebration Infestation!

Come help us Celebrate our Country's Birthday River Rat Style!!

July 4th, 2015 at Fishermen's Bend Salmon Group Site 2-5 pm

Thanks to all our Friends at Fishermen's Bend!

We had such a great time playing on Memorial Day Weekend and want to thank you all for coming out and sharing a fun weekend of River Rat fun! It was great to see so many return River Rat fans come out to support us and join in our Rat antic fun and in-festivites!!!

Thank you Caden And Brooklyn for the Wonderful River Rat Drawings! We love these pictures and it means a lot to us that you are our biggest fans! Thank you for coming to our show and thinking of us!!! You guys ROCK!!

We hope to see you all again at our next show on the 4th of July at the Salmon Group Site!


Happy Rat Summer 2015! River Rats


River Rats are Back!

Fishermen's Bend: "Summer Kickoff" Campfire Sing Along!

Come join in the fun!

See you there May 23, 2015!


River Rats Host End of Summer Sing Along @ FB!

River Rats had a great end of summer campfire sing along! Although it rained, the Rats, mice and vermin scampered into the dry covered area and made it our Rats nest for the night! Many campers showed up and joined in the fun for the final River Rat summer sing along!

Thanks to Fishermen's Bend for having us back year after year! This was our 6th year at Fishermen's Bend and our 18th performance. What a great place to have fun, relax and enjoy the great outdoors!!


Thanks to all of you who came and made it a Rat-tastic fun time!!!




River Rats Kick Off Summer Jams at FB 2014!

River Rats host a Campfire Sing along at the Annual Memorial Day Rat Jam. This time it was held in the Firs Group site and a good crowd of campers showed up to join in the festivities!

We had a couple of guest appearances that made it a lot of fun! Rockie Boxall and Chris Green helped out with some nice vocals! Rockie helped us get a good mix and Chris had some fun kids stories and jokes for the group. Thanks for coming up and joining in the fun!

Thanks to Fishermen's Bend and the new Camp Host who helped get the message out to the campers that the River Rats were playing, they did great as we did have a nice group of families dancing and the kids enjoyed joining in with shakers!


We'll be back for another fun Campfire Sing along Saturday July 5th at the Salmon Group site and will be playing between 2 and 5 pm. Put it on your Rat Calendars and we'll see you there!





River Rats Complete Summer Jams at FB!

River Rats finished off their summer gigs with a fun Labor Day performance at the Cedars Group site. There was a good gathering of friends and campers that enjoyed the live music and even some dancers who couldn't sit still!

River Rats thank Fishermen's Bend and all those who came and partied with us! Thank you all for a great summer!

See you next year! Until then keep your Rat on!

River Rats Celebrate the 4th of July at FB!

River Rats officially enter Ranger Dan into the River Rats hall of fame and presented him with his very own honorary Rat Hat and Rat name "Ranger Rat"!

A big thank you to Ranger Dan & Krystal for having the River Rats back each year! River Rats have been playing at Fishermen's Bend 3 times a year for 5 years and have enjoyed every Rat minute! Thanks for the years of great memories & fun!


River Rats Kick off Summer Jams with Memorial Day Performance

The weather cleared and the River Rats came out of hibernation to kick off the summers Rat activities at Fishermen's Bend Memorial Day celebration.

River Rats performed three rockin' sets and Chris Green from Virtual Ground made a special appearance on two songs! Thanks Chris!

Thanks to everyone who made it out!

River Rats Say Farewell bRat

The River Rats want to thank bRat for the fun years of music and camaraderie we shared. We all wish you the very best in your future!

"Thank you for your friendship, musical talents and dancing skills you shared with us on our Rat journey!"

~ Fang & The River Rat Gang

RockRat Returns

We are pleased to announce RockRat has agreed to return to the helm of Captain of Keyboards for the River Rats!

RockRat brings years of musical experience as a performer and his masterful playman's ship to the River Rats!

Welcome RockRat, we look forward to making some great music together on this Rat Adventure!

~ Rat Pack

River Rats Rock Final Summer Concert 2012!

This picture captures the final campfire song for the summer of 2012. It's named "The Last Campfire" and was taken by Wayne Benson.

Thank you Wayne!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to Fishermen's Bend on Labor Day Weekend 2012! We had a great time and hope you all did too!

What a great bunch of campers and singers too, except Earl! Ha ha!

We had lots of new faces and friends show up for a fun time! See you next year for some more camping, music and fun! Mark your calendars!

We'll keep you all posted on upcoming River Rat gigs!


See you at the next Rat Adventure!

River Rats Return to the Salmon Group Site for Labor Day Weekend inFESTation! Let's Do it Again!

Come to Fishermen's Bend Salmon Group Site, Saturday, 9/1/12, to join in the fun as the Rive Rats will be playing 3 live sets for all the campers, visitors and friends! Dance, listen or sing along to the campfire songs!

See you there! Fang

Come Camping with the River Rats!

The River Rats play live Saturday, July 7th at Fishermen's Bend Salmon group site, from 1-5 p.m. Bring your camp gear, grub and beverages, then settle in for a weekend of fun campfire sing-a-longs, rock n' roll music, dancing and River Rat antics!

Celebrate your Independence with an all American band!

RifRat Turns 50!

We'll it happened, what can you say, our true blue Rockin thru & thru Bassist RifRat hit the 50 mile marker but he did it up in style!!

The food, decorations and beautiful house were amazing!!! rHUG Rocks!

Reverend Rock & the Revivalists Rocked the House! The crowd goes nuts!

Rif sits down to a fun gift opening session with lots of surprises! Oh My!

Rif LOVES the Crystal Head! Nice cake but who's that Rat?

Happy 50th Birthday Rif!!!

Thanks for the Great Party & Hospitality!

"The Josts are the best Hosts"

(See all pictures in Rat Photo Page)

River Rats Reveal their New Rat Show at FB!!

River Rats recently revealed their Camp show at the Annual Memorial Day performance at Fishermen's Bend. The crowd really enjoyed the versatility of the music and stage design. The River Rats began the performance with a warm up set to get the campers rocking.

They then came on with a campfire sing a long for the second set. People really enjoyed the camaraderie, story telling and familiar sing a long songs ranging from TV theme songs such as Gilligan's Island to the Brady Bunch to familiar classic rock songs performed unplugged!

The River Rats then rounded up the Memorial Day Weekend Jam with their third set which consisted of all dance music to get those campers moving after all those Smores!!

People were impressed by the River Rats Campy performance and were surprised that there weren't more ads letting people know of this event. One patron suggested we advertise in Mill city as they'd love to come enjoy this free event! We'll do it!

We'll see you soon at our next FB weekend! 7/7/12 at the Salmon Group Site!

See Video!

Stay tuned for the next Rat Adventure!


River Rats Update

Recently scRATch Rat came out of his Rat Den and did not see his shadow thereby determining spring is only 4 Rat weeks away!

He grabbed the Rat phone and gave us each our wake up call that began to stir the slumber of the Rat clan from their winter hibernation.

Look forward to warm sunny days and the River Rats Summer of FUN!

Here's a list of upcoming Rat Rallies!

Fishermen's Bend 5/26/12 (The Firs Group Site)

RifRats 50th Birthday Blowout 6/9/12

Fishermen's Bend 7/7/12 (Salmon Group Site)

River Romp Family Reunion 8/4/12

Fishermen's Bend 9/1/12 (Salmon Group Site)

More to come!


River Rats Ring in New Year with New Show!

River Rats rang in the New Year and launched their new show "Campy Camping Experience" at Stars Cabaret!

It was a fun show with lots of dancers on the floor & poles!!

Thanks to Lab Rat, (Steimy sound) for the booking and his great sound and lighting! You ROCK Lab Rat!!

The new stage set includes; campfire, Tiki torches, grass, tent, camp chairs, ice chests, boat oars, life jackets, first aid & 5 hour energy!

Thank you Stars for a great time, great service and a real fun way to ring in the New Year! ~River Rats

"Experience the Great Outdoors....... ......Inside with the River Rats!!"

Come see our Campy Camping Experience show!!!

Stay tuned for the next Rat Adventure!

Rif & rHUG Rat Host Fright Night 2011

"Rats and all Vermin alike, unite for one night, on this 8th Annual River Rat Fright Night!"

River Rats infest Rif & rHUG's Rat lair for a wild & rockin Fright Night!

Rif rocks his new look while scRATch serenades bRAT

Ratatat & rHUG do some Smashing Pumpkins with Rowdy

scRATch uses a rubber rat to scratch licks on his axe as the rest of us laugh at the irony! Way to Rock scRATch!

Amy Winehouse rose from the dead to make an appearance with Dr. Needleton. Stick to beer Amy, wine will kill you!

The Rats infested the neighborhood street looking for Halloween treats!

What a Motley Crew!!

Amy posing by the wonderful food table she & rHUG set up.

A graveyard 7 layer bean dip with witches finger food in cheese sauce with zombie skin chips will taste wickedly good!!! Ah ha ha!

Thank you Rif & rHUG Rat for a fantastic Halloween Bash!!!!

River Rats Finish Summer Tour

The River Rats finished up their Summer tour with a Fishermen's bend Labor Day weekend performance at the Cottonwoods covered area.

The Rats were in good form and really put on a great show!

We saw feet tapping and a lot of smiling faces in the crowd!

What a fun time we had camping with all our new friends!

Thank you all for coming and making it A GREAT TIME!

See you next Memorial Day at FB!

Rat's Rock at Rock Rats!

River Rats join forces with the Funk Brothers for a one night Rock Fest and potluck!

Eight musicians make the perfect combo for a night of fun!

Drums, bass, percussion, 2 keyboards, acoustic guitar, Sax, and Lead guitar rounds out the sound to PURE BLISS!


Click here to see video!

Thank you Rock Rat for hosting a fun night of friendship and music!

River Rats Rock Birthday Bash

River Rats celebrate Lab Rats son, Skylar's 13th birthday!

It was 95 degrees and perfect for some HOT Rockin!

Hey look, we're a garage band and we're getting some help from the Jr. Mice!!

There was a swimming pool, food and fun music for all.

RifRat & scRATch tear it up while bRAT & rHUG go viral!

It's a full on Rat ATTACK!!!!

Thank you Lab Rat & Family!!! Everyone had a great time!

River Romp 27!

River Rats rocked the River Romp for the sixth year straight!

River Rats hit the stage for a two hour non stop show! Get 'em dancing and keep 'em dancing was their motto!

River Rompers come out in force to shake their River Romp Booties to the River Rats! A perfect night for Rock & Roll fun!

Then the campfire sing along was a blast! So many talented people were there to sing, play guitar, Melotron, shakers, bongos, jimbe and more!

Then scRATch paid homage to our sponsors!

Which gave rHUG an idea for her own brew!

Available soon at stores near you!


Thanks to everyone at the River Romp for an AWESOME time!

6 Pack of Rats!

stRAT Rat has decided to move on to other fun adventures in his life and we wish him the best!

It has been a pleasure having him in our Rats den and hearing his killer guitar licks!!

Thank you from all of us River Rats!

Happy 4th of July!

River Rats Rock Fishermen's Bend 4th of July Extravaganza at Cottonwoods!

River Rats performed a live show at the Cottonwoods covered area and go over with a BIG BANG!

We had a great turn out throughout the day but by 9 pm they were ready to PARTY!

Kids, adults and grandparents all join in the fun and get down as the River Rats get them dancing!

RifRat & scRATch keep it Rockin...

...while bRAT, Ratatat & rHUG Rat keep it Rolling!

We had lots of "Purcussion Pals" shaking it up. Here Avery and Chloe ham it up and get wild with Rowdy!

Thanks to everyone at Fishermen's Bend and all the great new friends we made!!

You Guy's are GREAT!

See you next time!

~ River Rats ~

River Rats Debut New Rat Family

And then there were Seven!

Rowdy, rHug, Rif, stRAT, bRAT, scRATch & Ratatat!

River Rats kicked off their summer "Rat's Nest Fest" at Fishermen's Bend at the Steelhead group site May 28, 2011 to a great gathering of Family, friends and hoiday campers!














Thanks to Dan and Khrystyl
Best at Fishermen's Bend!

This is always such a fun event for everyone, thank you for having the River Rats out to play!!

See you again soon!


Message from scRATch

Hey Hey Hey, scRATch Rat here with a River Rats update;
We have nested a whole new Ratravaganza which will debut at Fishermen's Bend this Memorial Day weekend 5/28/11, from 1:30pm to 5:30pm.
The web site should show new Rat members soon, our family has grown form 5 to 7 and is Rat Rockin'.
New songs, new faces, better production (thanks Steimy Sound: visit and better vocals add up to a Rat Attack that the entire family will enjoy.

So bring the family and friends for an outdoor treat and be ready to dance. Don't forget grandma, grandpa, the dog and your rat. We look forward to seeing our regular vermin rodents and making some new rat friends.
Rat-n-Roll, scRATch out